Recruitment Services


Ackvius HR Consulting provides two main types of services:

Management selection is our main area of expertise

The key facets of our recruitment operations may be summarized as follows:

- our key focus is on understanding the vacancy’s profile and the Client’s needs at the initial stage of operations;

-  our project operations are highly intensive; we rely mainly on our own expertise and use a direct search whenever this technique is necessary and applicable, bypassing public sources;

- we present up to 4-5 relevant candidates for each vacancy, opting not to overload the Client with unsuitable CVs;

- we care about the quality of communications with the Client and the candidate at all stages of the job search process, and also the quality of feedback. 

Labor market studies:

We prepare tailor-made salary surveys for our Clients.

The main difference between our in-house product and ready-made surveys are:

- the ability to receive up-to-date information on rare and niche vacancies, which are unavailable in ready-made surveys;

- information is given specifically for the companies, regions, vacancies and segments which are of interest to the Client, down to the smallest details of a position;

- highly detailed information – we provide data in the specific type, form and format required by each Client;

- the scope of the survey includes a breakdown of the compensation package, standard benefits, fringe benefits, differences in the employee’s job duties pegged to salary level , and not just average salary levels;

- highly resource-intensive - it takes anywhere from 1 - 3 months to perform such surveys depending on the size and complexity of the task.

Market mapping is a market study which provides insight about current trends related to key specialists and managers in a target group of companies within a certain industry.

We are prepared to perform a market study for you on mid- and upper-level managers and niche professionals based on your list of target companies, as agreed upon with us, in any industry based on the following parameters:

- the availability of properly qualified specialists on the market and whether their background matches the Client’s requirements;

- the current market level of compensation for managers and specialists within a narrow profile;

- the geographical location of interesting specialists and their willingness to relocate;

- comments on the outcome of meetings with candidates;

- current trends at target group companies.