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Our Clients

We would be more than happy to post online a list of our key Clients which have been working with us for the past few years, but the specific nature of our business does not allow us to do so.

We frequently work on confidential assignments. They involve working with candidates which were unknown to us before that time. In such cases, we never mention our Client’s name over the telephone, since the whole project would be pointless if the Client could be found simply by looking it up on our website. The most likely outcome in this case would be leakage of sensitive information and disgruntled Clients.

It is far more important for us to maintain confidentiality on behalf of our Clients than to put ourselves in the spotlight through advertising. For this reason, the best we can do here is to provide a list of descriptions which refer to our Clients without actually divulging any specific names.

This is what the list of our permanent Clients looks like:

An international company, leader of the consumer and medical devices market

A large international snack producer

A large international producer of food products

An international manufacturer of paper-based consumer products

An international tobacco company

An international cosmetics company

A large western pharmaceutical company

A large international chain of household products

A large international manufacturer of electronics

A large international manufacturer of construction materials

A large international crop science company

A large international insurance concern

Two international life insurance companies

A large international bank

Several international law firms

There are two ways to find out the names of our Clients:

1) For Clients – during a discussion about potential collaboration at your convenience;

2) For candidates – during their interview in our office.