Recruitment Services

Our advantages

1. Honesty

Perhaps as a Client you have been faced with the dilemma of double standards when dealing with large recruitment providers. They frequently treat your employees as potential candidates, even though they promise not to enter into personal relations with them, or try to “sell” you unsuitable candidates at any cost. Our advantage lies in the fact that we do not engage in such unsavory behavior. We stringently adhere to a hands-off policy. We focus on finding candidates suitable for you rather than attempting to sell you the people we have in our current pool of job seekers.

 2.Client-focused business

Our main goal is to help our Clients solve their HR-related business challenges. We are able to achieve this goal by individualizing our approach to each Client with a view to its unique features. Our pivotal concern is to provide top-notch service and maintain long-term Client relations. When working on projects, we put ourselves in the place of the HR manager we work with at the Client’s company. We think about this person’s requirements and the difficulties she or he faces. Our focus is to make their work easier. We believe that our business is, first and foremost, the relationships between specific people, while high-profile publicity is of lesser importance.


Our team is one of the most stable of all companies operating on Russia’s recruitment providers market. We stand apart from our competitors due to a minimal outflow of consultants and because all of our key employees have worked at the company for a number of years. This allows us to focus squarely on long-term collaboration and sustainable operations with consultants who know all the ins and outs of each Client.


We regard quality primarily as the ability to understand a Client’s specific features, its exact industry positioning, the ability to provide relevant candidates and generate full-fledged feedback. We devote special attention to candidate interviews in the final stages of the job search process.


We possess vast expertise in the following areas: FMCG, consumer electronics, industrial manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, retail, telecommunications and legal consulting. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the markets we work on, so call us and our area of expertise may well have broadened considerably by the time your call comes in! We make extensive use of the direct search technique, which enables us to provide the Client with the most viable solutions.