Recruitment Services

Career in Ackvius

Our company is a great choice for those who would like to start their career in the field of human resources. This includes people who have no previous experience in this line of work.

Our approach to team formation involves selecting people with the right attitude towards work and giving them the chance to advance within the company irrespective of whether they have any prior experience. It’s not so important for us how near or how far your experience is to the personnel recruitment business, or whether or not you have any job experience at all, and if we find that you will be an effective part of our team we will be glad to welcome you on board.

We are interested both in senior university students with a major in “Human Resource Management” or related areas, and in young specialists with 1-3 years of experience after graduation from university or institute. The main thing is that you are interested in starting a career in HR regardless of whether you have any previous experience.

New employees are hired mainly in entry-level positions. But this is only the beginning of their path, since the bulwark of our team, the current mid-level and top managers, all started from the lowest echelons of the company. We not only provide career growth opportunities, since our approach to employee collaboration is underpinned by the idea of permanent in-house development, both on the professional and career levels. Thus, the only natural hurdle in career advancement is the weak and strong points of each specific employee.

Those who pass our rigorous initial screening procedure and join the company are offered the following options:

- an intensive in-house HR training course;

- an ongoing knowledge exchange with experienced employees on the status of various industries.

Aside from training, our employees can also expect to receive:

- assistance and support starting on the day they are hired;

- the chance to choose the most suitable team and business area;

- the opportunity to learn one’s strong and weak points, selecting the best possible line of work in view of this;

- a flexible schedule for students.

If you would like to work for us, please send your CV through the following link.